Keith Haring Tenga Dance Egg Review

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Keith Haring Tenga Dance Egg Review

Tenga Egg is quickly becoming a popular name recently with their innovative product line. TheKeith Haring Tenga Danceis no different. These things are shaped like eggs, hence the name. They are also within the affordable price range for most users, making them more appealing to me personally. Let’s look into the features and why they are so popular.


Well, it’s a masturbator shaped like an egg for a start. It is delivered in a bright and colorful cellophane wrapping that makes it fun and festive. It honestly made me think of an easter egg basket, not like I was opening up a sex product. It’s also incased in a plastic egg, you know, like in an Easter egg basket!

Basically, Tenga provides safe alternatives to other types of male masturbation toys made from materials that may not so that safe, including jelly strokers that have been known to include poor quality materials or chemicals that quite honestly, just burn the gential region. No one wants burned nut sack!

However, Tenga has yet to make a non-porous product for males to use, the offer products that are phthalate free. Furthermore, they are referred to by many as being the funniest and safest options for male masterbator and strokers on the market.

The outside shell that contains the masturbator is created frompolypropylene. However, Sex Lubricant Applicators is the toy itself, the core of the product, the egg. It is made formTPE (theromoplastic elastomer)which is phthalate free. Jelly DildosThis is among the safest porous style materials available.

The exact size is unknown to me, but I would compare the size to that of a candy filled egg you get around Easter time. Basically, it’s not really big and can fit just about anywhere you want to put it. The masturbator itself can also be stretched.

This part is a bit on the iffy side, because Tenga markets their masturbators to be a once and done type product. However, if you’re like me you don’t want to discard something that costs almost $10 after a single use. So, here’s my suggestion on reusing the one-time use toy…

Carefully rinse it with warm water and soap. Then, allow it to dry by turning it inside-out and laying it on the hard-plastic shell. Because it is designed for a single use, being able to clean it and successfully reuse multiple times is not a guarantee, but worth trying. I have managed to reuse them several times before they got overly stretched or destroyed.

Because it comes with lube, you would not need to worry about this if you’re going to use it once and toss it. However, if you’re like me and try reusing as much as possible, I recommend water-based lube.

For a single use toy, it might seem a bit expensive, but with careful cleaning you can usually reuse them several times. They are amazing though, so I recommend at least trying it once.

Other Tenga products to check out are theTenga Flip Holeand theTenga 3d.

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